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Myrtle Beach Landscape Maintenance

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Always Green Landscaping is an exceptional lawn care company that specializes in the maintenance, design, and installation of residential and commercial landscapes. Myrtle Beach residents deserve a lawn that encourages spending more time outside. Always Green will make your lawn will become the talk of the neighborhood. We welcome residential landscaping jobs to large commercial landscape modifications. Our licensed team is comprised of proficient lawn and landscape specialists that have years of practice delivering outstanding levels of lawn services.

Flower Bed Clean Up Myrtle Beach South Carolina

Residential Lawn Services

Green Grass Myrtle Beach SC
Residential Lawn Maintenance
Riding Mower Myrtle Beach SC
Residential Lawn Mowing
Trimming Shrubs Myrtle Beach SC
Residential Hedge Trimming
Residential Lawn Fertilization Myrtle Beach South Carolina
Residential Lawn Fertilization
Myrtle Residential Landscape Design
Residential Lawn Mulching
Commercial Irrigation Maintenance Myrtle Beach South Carolina
Residential Irrigation Maintenance


Commercial Landscaping Services

Commercial Building Lawn Maintenance
Commercial Lawn Maintenance
Lawn Mower Myrtle Beach SC
Commercial Lawn Mowing
Bush Trimming Shrubs Myrtle Beach SC
Commercial Hedge Trimming
Residential Lawn Fertilization Myrtle Beach South Carolina
Commercial Lawn Fertilization
Myrtle Beach Mulch
Commercial Lawn Mulching
Irrigation Residential System Myrtle Beach
Commercial Irrigation Maintenance

Using Only The Best Equipment on Your Lawn

Choose Your Landscape Maintenance Package:
Don't Want A Full Package? We Also Offer Our Services Individually As One-Time Service Options


Services Listed Below

  • Mow
  • Edge
  • Weed Wack
  • Power Blow
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Services Listed Below (Most Popular)

  • Mow
  • Edge
  • Weed Wack
  • Power Blow
  • Trim Shrubs & Vines
  • Control Weeds in Flowerbeds & Cracks
  • Leaf & Small Limb Collection**
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Services Listed Below

    • Mow
    • Edge
    • Weed Wack
    • Power Blow
    • Trim Shrubs & Vines 
    • Control Weeds in Flowerbeds & Cracks
    • Leaf & Small Limb Collection
    • Trim Palms Once Per Year*
    • Lawn Chemical Treatment*
    • Apply Mulch Once Per Year*
    • Apply Straw Twice Per Year*
    • Irrigation Management*
    • Flowerbed Edge Redefining*
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*These services are not part of your regular weekly or bi-weekly maintenance. They will be quoted, scheduled and charged separately.

*Only one 30 gallon bag is included with the service. Any additional bags must be requested and approved by the homeowner.

Residential & Commercial Landscape Maintenance

Serving Myrtle Beach and surrounding cities.

Always Green Landscaping is your solution for lawn care and landscape services. We know how hot Myrtle Beach can get. Why cope with the heat when you can spend your time at the beach or on one of Myrtle Beach's many golf courses?
If you live in Myrtle Beach and have ever thought, "I need convenient, lawn and landscape maintenance services near me at the click of a button," Always Green Landscaping is the company for you. Get a quick quote for Lawn Maintenance, Lawn Mowing, Hedge Trimming and Pruning, Lawn Fertilization, Mulching, and Irrigation Maintenance in Myrtle Beach and Surfside South Carolina.

The lawn and landscape around your home is significant. What impression does the lawn and landscape provide about your company or neighborhood? A well-kept lawn and garden will give you that extra edge. Your lawn should be healthy, weed-free, and insect-free. Your shrubs and trees trimmed and pruned on a regular basis. At all times, the property must be free of leaves and debris. All of these issues must be addressed by Always Green Landscaping.
Always Green Landscaping's team of landscaping specialists can assist you in keeping your property running at its best all year.
Our professionals understand that homeowners increase the value of their property by taking good care of it with routine lawn maintenance.  We aim to always provide the best lawn mowing and lawn care services in Mount Pleasant, SC.

We recognize that your lawn and landscaped grounds are more than simply a physical component of your home; they are a living environment for you and your family.
Our lawn maintenance experts provide a wide selection of lawn care services. We do everything from lawn mowing, hedge trimming and pruning, lawn fertilization, to mulching, and more.

Mower Edging Lawn South Carolina

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