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Lawn Mowing Myrtle Beach, SC

Lawn mowing is a time-consuming and energy-consuming activity for many of our home customers. Our skilled lawn care personnel will keep your lawn beautifully groomed, enabling you to invest additional time doing activities you like.

We also keep your lawn green with the use of the appropriate nutrients, the right mix of products, and the right length of time to apply the product so that it can thrive. This enables Always Green Landscaping to constantly serve our customers in Myrtle Beach, SC with a healthy, green, and attractive lawn.

Myrtle Beach residential lawn mowing services

Always Green Landscaping assures that your lawn will prosper from our year-round, continuous approach to help it achieve a rich, vibrant, weed-free lawn.

Every lawn is unique, and Always Green Landscaping is here to offer custom recommendations for each lawn on every service appointment.

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Always Green Landscaping offers your residential lawn mowing needs

  1. Maintaining a proper Lawn mowing height

Proper mowing height is one of the most crucial components of lawn care. Mowing height is defined as the gap between the surface of the soil or thatch and the top of the grass after mowing and not before.

Our professionals make certain that you constantly stay inside the required height range.

We also propose that residential lawns be cut far shorter than athletic fields or golf courses, which require much more grass upkeep. Mowing too low weakens the turf, making it more vulnerable to weed invasion, mechanical damage, drought tolerance, and lawn disease. Lowering your mower blades extremely low, on the other hand, might result in:

  • Reduction in root, rhizome, and stolon development.
  • Reduction in plant food production and storage.
  • Accelerated Succulent shoot growth.
  1. Maintaining a healthy lawn mowing frequency

Lawns grow at varying rates based on the season, weather, maintenance, and breed. We can accurately determine the proper schedule to mow your residential lawn and keep it looking plush.

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