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Choose Your Landscape Maintenance Package:
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Services Listed Below

  • Mow
  • Edge
  • Weed Wack
  • Power Blow
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Services Listed Below

    • Mow
    • Edge
    • Weed Wack
    • Power Blow
    • Trim Shrubs & Vines 
    • Control Weeds in Flowerbeds & Cracks
    • Leaf & Small Limb Collection
    • Trim Palms Once Per Year*
    • Lawn Chemical Treatment*
    • Apply Mulch Once Per Year*
    • Apply Straw Twice Per Year*
    • Irrigation Management*
    • Flowerbed Edge Redefining*
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Grass Green Cutting Myrtle Beach SC

Lawn Mowing:

Our maintenance team will mow your grass and trim the edges of your lawn to keep it neat and tidy. We utilize the best equipment to keep your lawn looking its best.

Bush Trimming Yard Myrtle Beach SC

Hedge Trimming:

Our professionals can carefully trim your hedges in order to help them maintain a neat and clean appearance by trimming and pruning unwanted branches and leaves.

Grass Trimmer Myrtle Beach SC

Weed Whacking:

Our weed whacking services will help trim down areas that cannot be managed with a lawn mower in order to create a uniform and clean appearance on your property.

Leaf Removal Myrtle Beach SC

Leaf Collection:

When the leaves Begin to pile up in your yard during the fall, we offer residential leaf collection services to help remove the leaves from our clients’ yard in order to keep them looking well maintained.

Edging Equipment Myrtle Beach SC


Our edging services will ensure that there is a clean edge between the grass and other items within your yard such as sidewalks, flower gardens, walls, and more.

Weeding Myrtle Beach

Weed Prevention:

Our landscaping experts utilize carefully chosen sprays to remove weeds from your flower beds and driveway/curb expansion joint areas while preventing new ones from growing in their place.

Leaf Blowing Myrtle Beach SC

Power Blowing:

Our landscaping experts can remove leaves, debris, and clipped grass off of your lawn by utilizing commercial grade blowers.

Lawn Plug Aeration Myrtle Beach SC

Aeration Services:

By utilizing regular aeration, our experts can improve your yard by encouraging root growth, better drainage, and effective water and nutrients being soaked into your grass, causing it to grow and thrive properly.

Guy Trimming Palm Tree SC

Palm and Ornamental Tree Pruning (up to 18 ft)”:

Our landscaping experts can prune your palm and ornamental trees. We will remove dead and dying branches to ensure the health of your tree.

Pine Straw Myrtle Beach SC

Pine Straw Application:

We can apply pine straw on your flowerbeds in order to provide a slower introduction of nutrients into your soil, causing their nutritional benefits to last longer.

Soil Garden Bed Myrtle Beach

Mulch Application:

We can place mulch on your property to increase the nutrition in your soil and flowerbeds and encourage the healthy growth of plants on your property.

Palm Trees Myrtle Beach SC

Landscape Lighting:

Enhance your landscape with our landscape lighting installation services that will keep your property looking its best even at night.

Edging Equipment Myrtle Beach SC

Bed Edge Redefining:

Bed edge redefining is necessary to create a deep contour between the flowerbeds and lawn areas in order to create a nice visual separation between the two areas of your yard while the defined edge helps keep mulch and pine straw in place for a sharp well defined look.

Sprinkler Home System Myrtle Beach SC

Seasonal Irrigation Setup and Inspection:

Ensure your property is well watered throughout the year with our seasonal irrigation setup. We will also perform routine inspections to make sure your system is flowing smoothly.

*These services are not part of your regular weekly or bi-weekly maintenance. They will be quoted, scheduled and charged separately.

*Only one 30 gallon bag is included with the service. Any additional bags must be requested and approved by the homeowner.

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