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Irrigation Maintenance

Proper irrigation is one of the most important aspects of keeping a healthy lawn. The appropriate quantity of water, in the right areas, at the correct time of day, may make or break the health of your grass and landscaping. In addition, a landscape irrigation system may save one hundreds of gallons of water every year! If saving water isn’t enough of a motivation for one to set up and maintain a properly functioning irrigation system, consider the convenience it brings to your routine and the value it contributes to your home.

Always Green Landscaping’s irrigation experts will ensure your irrigation system runs smoothly and your residential Myrtle Beach lawn fresher than ever.

An operational irrigation system or lawn sprinkler system is required for a healthy grass and landscape. If you don’t give your grass and plants adequate water, they will suffer. We provide a wide range of lawn watering services. Among our services are:

  • Irrigation design
  • Lawn sprinkler system upkeep
  • Seasonal irrigation system upkeep

Efficient Myrtle Beach Irrigation Maintenance Services

A system that is not properly pressured can exhaust water and money. With Always Green Landscaping’s system regular maintenance, you can ensure that your system is constantly operational. We’ll initiate, test, and winterize your system so that you don’t have to.

Irrigation system designs by Always Green Landscaping are unique and tailored to every home. Our professionals design your irrigation system with water conservation and plant water needs in accordance. They are designed to supply the necessary watering demands derived from plant type, and they are established on agricultural concepts to keep plants healthy. Your irrigation system will be set to run in the early morning while you are sleeping, as there’s less chance of loss of water due to wind and evaporation. Servicing your sprinkler system will save you time and money by minimizing your water utility costs.

Automated system

Watering the lawn and landscaping is a breeze with an autonomous irrigation system. Regular maintenance is required to keep the sprinkler system running as efficiently as possible. It also necessitates a suitable start-up in the spring and a good shut-down in the fall. With our Irrigation Maintenance Program, our industry-trained personnel can supply you with these services.

The Irrigation Maintenance Program from Always Green Landscaping will eliminate unsightly brown areas and unnecessary overwatering. Our service includes three specialized inspections to check if the system is operating properly.

Inspection 1 – Initial Service

The industry ethics of Always Green Landscaping need much more than simply turning on the system in the spring. Our ten-step startup procedure includes the following steps:

  • Check that the main water supply is turned on.
  • Set up the mainline.
  • Check the operation of each zone.
  • Make adjustments for head-to-head exposure.
  • Look for any leaks.
  • There is a lot of growth surrounding each head.
  • Examine the controller’s functioning.
  • Set the run time for spring conditions.
  • Examine the rain sensor’s functionality.
  • Determine what repairs are required.

Inspection 2 – System Performance Evaluation Mid-Season

As the seasons transition from mild spring to hot and dry summer, the irrigation system has to be fine-tuned to operate at top efficiency. The mid-season maintenance assessment performed by Always Green Landscaping involves rebooting the controller, inspecting for system leaks, clearing away vegetation around heads, confirming if rotors are working properly, balancing heads, and detecting system issues.

Inspection 3 – Winterization Service in the Fall

The winterization service conducted by our professionals is an important aspect in determining the longevity of one’s irrigation equipment. Before freezing conditions set in, the autumn winterization visit involves blowing of heads, rotors, valves, and lines. Your greatest defense against freezing damage is to have the irrigation system winterized by a professional from Always Green Landscaping.

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